a message from oscar wilde

   While sitting in meditation on Monday morning after my Temple talk on ‘Fear’ the day before, I was joined by the Irish poet and author, Oscar Wilde.  I saw him stand up from his bench inside the park in Dublin, Ireland.  His clothes were wrinkled and with his usual wit he said, “What do you expect, I’ve been sitting here a long time.”

     He said, “I listened to your talk yesterday.  Oh, yes, I was there; along with the many who were feeding you those words.  My suggestion to you is to ask the people to consider the cost.  Do they consider the cost, the price they pay in order to hold on to their fear and anxieties.  The cost is very dear, as we Irish say.  They might want to reconsider the cost in karma that is attached to resentment, for an example.”
     “As you have said, the Temple is indeed under attack by dark forces.  The dark forces you think of are those wandering around in the darker planes of the astral world.  These souls who are wandering around in their nether-world are not, for the most part, your enemy.  They are mostly ignorant of the Light.  They are asleep in consciousness, as you might say: unconscious.  The attacking forces of which I speak are those within the field of influence of the Temple itself.  Your Dr. Carter has spoken to you of the one who sends negative thoughts to the Temple.  She thinks, wrongly, that thoughts are not heard nor motives known.  However, every thought is a vibrational pattern into the great field you refer to as the consciousness of the cosmos.”  

    “Wisely, you did not ask for a name, for the name does not matter. Protecting one’s self and one’s  integrity is important and is one’s individual  responsibility.  You have the tools and you know how to use them.  Use them.  You must do this in order to create a field of positive protection around the Temple.  Your Grail Group is experienced and adept in the use of the Violet Fire.  Use it more frequently; daily, as was requested by St. Germaine.  Keep the power of the decrees strengthened; they must be diligently sustained.”

     “We appreciate your visit and your spiritual connection with Ireland.  Your heart is still filled with compassion for us and an understanding of our difficult past.  Music and poetry have been our buckler and shield during our great challenges.  The mind, alone, is one’s protection and direction.  One charts his own course during his lives in whatever state, form, composition or dimension he may reside.”

    “The karmic cost of criticism, resistance, and resentment may surely be cancer.  Those negative vibrations out picture in myriad ways from the physical to the financial and through the entire spectrum of human existence.  All those negative thoughts, feelings and emotions are but aspects of fear.  Indeed, the opposite of love is not hate, but fear.”

     “Your world will change dramatically for the good when there is greater awareness and acceptance of Divine Laws.  Angry and fearful people are crying out for justice.  Justice is governed by natural (divine) law.  It is the law of cause and effect.  Karma is not just a Hindu word.  It is cosmic justice.  There are no victims, nor attorneys, in the cosmic court of justice.”

“A little wit would surely fit the
happenings of your day.
A little prayer, a little play and
be careful what you say.

For those words are written, truly,
in the very air you breathe;
No matter how you plead and cry;
you can never, ever deceive.

The Creator of the Universe
records your thoughts,
and your words as well.
And this, my friend, creates
both your heaven and your hell.”

As told to:  Rev. Betty Tatalajski  by
Oscar Wilde on Memorial Day,
May 27, 2002