Architects of aquarius

To the Architects of Aquarius, I give you my blessings. I bring greetings from your teachers and friends. We catch a glimmer of the new excitement that is moving through your world. Things are being shaken up, hidden talents and abilities will be brought into alignment. Demonstrations of these gifts will come forth for all to see.

We swing open the doors to the ancient chambers, the meeting rooms of magic, so all can see happenings beyond their present belief. Awaken yourselves and encourage others. It is time to make history. Science will be shaken, philosophies changed, and religionists will be aghast.

Inclusiveness is the word of the day. Move from your isolated tower of separation that has been created by your ego into the broader spectrum of ONENESS. The walls of separation will be broken down, like the Berlin Wall, they will crumble.

All paths lead to the ONE, to the LIGHT. Look beyond your former limited vision. Remember you are as great as you can imagine. We repeat: You are as great as you can imagine. Ponder on these words. And break down your self-imposed restrictions. Bring forth the gifts that you have brought to earth, Light Bearers. Remove your candle from the basket and shine into a darkened world.

Do not continue to marvel at the abilities of others; for each of you is a great soul. Many in spirit march with you in your endeavor. The Freedom March is gaining momentum; many are seeking a way out of their prison walls of frustration and anguish. Divine discontent is moving through the collective soul of mankind. Be prepared to step out of the shadows, dear friends, as the activation of Aquarius begins.

                                                                        You are the Light, ignite the wick.
                                                                             Be conscious of your words.

                                                                       The flame of will within each word
                                                                             Will raise and heal the sick.

                                                                        Astound yourself, amaze the world
                                                                        With your power and determinaition.

                                                                        For you have came to demonstrate
                                                                              Your power of co-creation