Dr. Carlos Blair


Robert was an internationally respected individual for his skills in many areas of phenomena, including deep trance channeling.

Robert first encountered his psychic abilities as a youngster, embraced them and worked to enhance them throughout his life until retirement.

Robert’s credentials included studies at Ohio State University School of Religions, the Morris Pratt Institute, the University of Life Seminary in Phoenix, and held a Doctor of Divinity.

Robert had been tested in many parapsychology laboratories throughout the world, including Duke, UCLA, Stanford, and McGill in the USA, as well as some testing abroad, and others.

Robert served on the Board of the California Parapsychological Foundation for more than twenty years.

Robert worked with the various forms of parapsychology, and with various forms of testing for over forty years, and used his talents on a regular basis in his church ministry, as well.

His ability as a trance medium allowed him to channel the voice, personality, and wisdom of Dr. Carlos Blair, and he spent literally thousands of hours allowing Dr. Blair to dispense advice, understanding, and wisdom to individuals, congregations, and other audiences, both in the states of deep trance and light trance.

As talented as Robert was, he took little credit for the Dr. Blair transmissions, saying, “I’m just the pipe the water flows through.”

After retiring from active ministry, Dr. Robert Ireland commissioned Rev. Frederick J. Smith to take possession of, and to take charge of, all of the Dr. Carlos Blair Teaching , for the purpose of distributing this knowledge to as wide an audience as possible.