The Temple Mission:

Celebrating the Unity of God and Man, The Temple encourages the teaching and appreciation of all religions and philosophies, to demonstrate the truth of eternal life through communication with spirit, and to foster individual communication with the creative source.

The Temple of Universality is non-sectarian. We work with Ascended Master Teachers who are the foundation of our philosophy and teachings". The temple Ministers work directly with these Master Teachers. They have each answered the higher call To Service: Tithing their time, their energy, and their many talents to support the on-going presence of The Temple in our community; and in the growing community of friends in the cyber world and around the world. When the Pupil is ready, the Master (Teacher) appears. These great Masters are above all sectarian distinctions. They may have ascended to their exalted position along the paths of the many religions, or they may have walked the path of no-denomination, sect, or body. They may have mounted to their heights by philosophical reasoning alone, or else by scientific investigation. They are called by many names, but at the last they are of but one religion; one philosophy; one belief --- TRUTH. And so it is with The Temple of Universality as it is with Brotherhoods and Societies - - - If it is necessary for your growth, development, and attainment, to be connected with our organization then, when the time comes - when you are ready - you will receive your call. We hope you'll join us in our vision of Universality.