Received by Rev. Betty Tatalajski  8/4/2000

      Stepping through the stones of history, much is uncovered.  Friends are made and time becomes irrelevant.  Time is man made, as you know.  I Am still alive and like you, will always be.

     I welcome you to these places where I have lived, learned and passed through.  Still a part of me remains in Greece—my spirit, you may say.  We are a part of that which you call Universal Mind.  That is why I can communicate with you.  You have “called me up” as it were from the spirit of Greece; not ancient Greece, for time is nothing. It does not exist.  But I received your thoughts, your interest and your passion to walk with those who lived in this land.

     You have walked here, that is why your soul called you back.  That is why you returned here with your friends.  All of you were returning as pilgrims for a reunion; you were not merely tourists.  Remember the thrill of the Acropolis?  Remember your anguish at the black robed priests who have attempted to stomp out the glory of Greece’s Gods and Goddesses.  Of course these were not divinity, but relative to mankind at that time and now, they appeared to be.

     Each is a potential God or Goddess.  That is what your ministry is all about, is it not?  Freeing people from their self-imposed limitations.  We are pleased to meet with you and to share our experiences with you.  Call anytime.       

                                                                             I Am Your Friend, Aristophanes