St. Germaine whispered in my ear.
                                           "PEOPLE MUST BEGIN SWIMMING IN DEEPER WATERS. 

As scenes of upcoming events flashed forth in my inner vision he began speaking, "The time is now. The fruit is ripe; it is time for the picking of the fruit. You have sowed, watered and tended; now is the time for harvesting. Do not let the crop lie rotting in the fields. The food is fresh; it is needed. Enthusiasm and passion for your purpose are needed for harvesting and feeding the world.

     "THERE IS NO DEATH."  That is the message you must bring to the people. This is the food that many are waiting for. People must awaken from their self-imposed exile into materialism and separation. Peace will not come until mankind claim their spiritual heritage and honor the divinity within each other. This is a simple assignment; your ministers are prepared; are they not. Each has been witness to a greater truth. There is no death. Time and again we have brought evidence to you through poetry, paintings, precipitation and our messages; channelings (you call our messages to you). Some have witnessed family, friends and teachers appear and talk with them. “Materialization” you call it; it is simply the demonstration of continued life.

      Life will continue...forever. The forms of your vehicle will continue to change...forever. But, you will never cease to be. It is time to awaken the world to individual responsibility and purposeful living. "LIVING FOR THE SAKE OF OTHERS", is not new for you; it is the purpose behind the Temple of Universality. We bless the Temple mission and ministry. Take your teachings and demonstrations to the people and lead them by example. Each must identify with his divine nature and live in harmony with all of God's Creation. "LOVE YE, ONE ANOTHER." as was spoken by Jesus, the Great Fisherman.             

                                                                               I AM St. Germaine
                                                                    Received by Rev. Betty Tatalajski