Early on Sunday morning, June 16, 2002, my consciousness was projected to France and into a cathedral that I visited a couple of years ago. This out of body experience, as it is called, was accomplished under the direction of my mentor and teacher St. Germaine.

There was no spirit in the cathedral. I stood and loudly chanted a prayer invoking the spirit of the Blessed Mother. She immediately appeared, filling the church with her presence of peace.

She said, "My holy sites of Fatima and Lourdes are under attack by dark forces. Use the Violet Fire to protect those sites.

Use the Violet Fire to transmute the negative forces that are attacking the Catholic Church.

The Church is being purged of negative karma that has accumulated throughout the years. The persecution of church leaders symbolizes the inquisition; on a lesser scale of course. Innocent ones are being flailed along with the guilty.

The Holy Spirit has used the Catholic Church as an agent for the guidance, comfort and healing of people for many years. The Church is not perfect; it is under the direction of imperfect men.

The Holy Spirit uses the vessels that are available. Some are flawed vases as we have said.

There is need to help the Catholic Church regain its lost spiritual luster and to retain its spiritual intention. Many great leaders have served the Catholic masses. Generous and kind souls have brought love and solace to the people around your world.

As this cleansing of the Catholic Church continues, do not add to the flames by criticisms of its past imperfections. It needs your loving visions of its greatness.

Use the Violet Fire to quench the fires of hatred and prejudice that are flaming forth from man's ignorance. Flames are burning across your country; many areas are being cleansed by fire. These fires are the result of the flaming fires of dissent in the minds of men.

Mankind is the creator of the fires. He has ignited them through the power of his thoughts and actions against his brothers. Please help the cause of peace by continuing your prayers and holding your vision of world peace.

Call on My Son and the Ascended Masters, then expand the use of the sacred and powerful Violet fire.' I AM MARY

At the invitation of the Blessed Mother I visited Fatima in Portugal and Lourdes in France. Under the direction of St. Germaine and the Ascended Masters, I invoked the violet Fire of transmutation into these sacred sites. Miracles of healing occur in those holy places daily; it is important that they remain pure. Our gratefulness to the Blessed Mother and the Holy Spirit.