It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas.  Our hospitals, mental wards and malls are crowded with people.  We are experiencing record numbers of suicides, killings and bankruptcies.

   All this indicates that the birth of the Christ has to be celebrated more frequently than once a year.  St. Paul said, “I die daily.”  Let our daily prayer be, “Let Christ be born in me today.”  Then, as the babe is being born in Bethlehem, the heart, let us nurture it with prayers of affirmations, decrees and thanksgiving; chanting “Christ is born in me today.”

   We continue our daily prayers: “Beloved Creator God, in whom we live and move and have our being,  let me emulate the teacher, Jesus, and walk in his footsteps.”

     “He taught love, help me be more loving.  He taught peace, help me be more peaceful.  He taught compassion, help me be more compassionate.  He taught service, help me to be of service.”

   “Help me, Beloved Creator to remember that Christ (Your Spirit) is born into every man, woman and child that comes into the earth plane.”

   “Help me to remember that you are called by many names: Christians call you God.  Jehovah/Adonai  is what the Jews call you.  Muslims call you Allah.  The Taoists call you “The Way”.  By Hindus you are called Parabraham.  Native Americans call you Great Spirit.”