The GARDEN OF EDEN allegory of creation has been taught and preached over the past two thousand years and virtually held us prisoners to guilt, sin and shame.  The only guilt, as I perceive it is that we allowed ourselves to believe it.  Preachers and priests have done us a great disservice in perpetuating that myth.  As a fairy tale it is amusing—as a religious belief it is confusing.

     It is time for us to break our chains of hopelessness, fear and limitation and release the power of God within us.  Let’s take off those old victim robes and call forth the magician within.  We each brought a vision to earth; it’s time to remember it, restore it, and gift it to humanity and to the universe.  We didn’t come back to earth just to take up space, pay a mortgage, raise children and die.  We came as Light Bearers.  Let’s ignite the Light of God within our hearts and shine.

    It’s time for ALCHEMY, AQUARIAN ALCHEMY, and AND FOR US IT’S ARIZONA AQUARIAN ALCHEMY. Simply put, you’ve joined the TRIPLE AAA.  You wonder what you’re doing in the desert?  You don’t really relish these ‘over a hundred degrees days’ for seven months a year?  But you do love the mountains, the Native American spirit and the incredible sunsets?  Well, dear friends, you and I signed on with St. Germaine to become Alchemists.  Remember that process whereby base metal was transformed into gold?  That may or may not have happened; but it is certain that it is the process by which we are transformed from the limitation of the ego/personality to super-consciousness.  Merlin the Magician stands before you waving his magical wand.  This is to remind us that the magical wand is the magical word, I AM.  He says, “Repeat after me, “I AM THE MASTER HERE, CASTING OUT ALL DOUBT AND FEAR.  I AM THE WILL OF GOD IN ACTION IN ME NOW.  I AM THE WILL OF GOD—TO LOVE ALONE I BOW.”

      Moses was reminded by God that, “I AM THAT I AM” And God said, “THIS IS MY NAME FOREVER, AND THIS IS MY MEMORIAL—NAME TO ALL GENERATIONS.” Exodus 3:14-16.  We are here, dear friends, to remember our birthright.   “THEN GOD SAID, LET US MAKE MAN IN OUR OWN IMAGE, ACCORDING TO OUR LIKENESS.” Genesis 1:26.  The time for the denial of our divinity is long past; it has not served humanity well.  This is the Age of Aquarius and we are the alchemist’s come to earth.  A new civilization we’ve come to birth.  Congratulations on your assignment.