The teacher said, “We here in spirit celebrate the beauty, you in embodiment focus on the flaws.”

     We remind you to chant the good.  Celebrate the good, speak the good; for you certainly become that on which you focus your attention.  You as practicing metaphysicians seem to forget that the laws (divine laws) are impersonal.  Often you feel that knowing the laws is the same thing as living the laws.  This is not so.  There is a vast difference, my friends.

Watch your words, your thoughts and your deeds.  Do no harm.  This is important.  Your golden rule applies today as it did throughout millenia.  “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”

     Be gentle in your words.  The emerging spirit of one who is awakening responds to love.  Criticism is of the ego, remember this.  Only the ego can criticize and only the ego can be attacked.  The spirit is love and it can only love, accept and bless.

     We see each of you awakened ones as a beautiful vase, each having been created by the master potter.  Each different in color, size, texture and each holding a different talent within.  We see the small veins of sorrow that weave through each vessel.  We see the small chips that mar the edges, hurts and sorrow that will someday be mended by awareness and understanding.  We bless those imperfections and we see perfect vessels.  Perfect vases through which the love and light of God flows.

     Look not at the flaws, but upon the beauty of each vessel.  This is a test for you, dear ones.  Do you see only with your physical eyes or with your Inner Vision, the vision of the soul?  Do you respond to others with criticism and judgment or the gentleness of spirit?  Your spirit is part of what you call the Holy Spirit.  It will not guide you wrong.  Your ego will lead you into temptation, this is for your soul’s growth.  Then you choose whom to serve— love or fear.  The ego will choose fear, the spirit love.  A simple test.  Remember:

                                                                        As you behold the beauty in others
                                                                              It will reflect back to you.
                                                                       For in truth you’re part of each other
                                                                      And there is really nothing you can do
                                                                 To separate from one another, except to deny
                                                                    That you are created as one brotherhood,
                                                                               So please don’t even try.
                                                            For each is an individual with different form and face
                                                            That make up the oneness of the whole human race.