The newspaper headlines screamed:
                                                          "HATRED IS HOT ACROSS AMERICA"  
                                                                    by Rev. Betty Tatalajski

California is burning, just like Arizona did recently. I wonder how many of us are taking responsibility for the burning? It is certainly no coincidence that the hatred that spewed forth into the consciousness of the Golden State recently is incinerating the state.

    The elementals of fire, like those of water, respond to hate, love and peace. Try walking on fire...if you think this is not so.  My own Fire Walk proved to me that "the peaceful way is better." I saw doubters, those fearful of being burned, "Get Burned." It does appear to be true, just as the Great Master Jesus said, "AS A MAN THINKS IN HIS HEART, HE IS."

This seems to be good time to remember a basic law, one that science has proven to us: "ENERGY IS QUALIFIED BY INDIVIDUAL CONSCIOUSNESS." "THOUGHTS ARE THINGS" and they have brought to us exactly what we have called forth-fire out of control.

     Nora and I were returning from our third Jerusalem Peace Pilgrimage on Monday night. Coming out of the war zone of Israel we were acutely aware of the products of men's minds. Our ability to create either lovingly or hatefully is now being shown to us in cinemascopic size and color. It is not a pretty sight. It is not the best production of which we are capable.