“You have magnificent assistance; call on it, expect it.  Shut your minds against the ignorance and inharmonious suggestions of human beings everywhere.  Protect your electronic God Self, your Spirit, from the deadly invasion of warring thoughts.”

     “You are Peace; you are Love.  You are a part of the Great God Source.  Realization of this truth causes a mobilization of spiritual protection and guidance that can transform your life and help illuminate the world.”

     “Your world is crying in darkness that is clouding the minds of men.  It is fear, dear friends, fear that is the great enemy of humanity—not other beings.”

     “Let go of your fear of differences.  Allow your brothers the same freedom that you desire for yourselves.  We told you of the great disease that was coming; to be prepared.  The disease of the mind of which we spoke is fear.  You were expecting a newly diagnosed mental disease were you not?  Its name is fear.  Fear is not new and it is rampant on your earth plane; it has become a great epidemic.  Fear is a great force of the ego mind; held collectively it can darken the sun.”

     “Rise up from your ego’s claim upon you into your Great God Power of the I AM Presence within you.  Be reminded of the words of the Master Jesus, “It is the Father within me that does the work.”  That same Father/Spirit resides in you; it is your I Am Presence.  You were created by that Great God Power in His image.”

     “Call forth that mighty God Presence of the I AM within you and declare unto the heavens, “I AM the Master living here, casting out all doubt and fear.  I AM the Will of God in action in me now.”  You have come to be a light in the world.  Shine.