healing with color

Sit comfortably in your chair.  Place your hands in your lap and your feet flat on the floor.

Close your eyes.  Close your mouth and place your tongue behind your upper teeth.  Begin to breathe deeply and slowly through your nose.

Relax your shoulders as you breathe easily and deeply.  Inhale and exhale.  As you inhale see in your mind’s eye the color white.  White contains all the other colors.  It is the principle and power of purity.  The color white is the light of God and it contains all the Divine qualities of God.

Breathe the white light throughout your body.  Feel it moving through your body bringing relaxation and healing to every part of your body.  Do this for two to three minutes. Then take a deep breath and relax.

There are other colors in the rainbow.  Each is a principle, a power of God.  Look at the list in the next column and choose the color/principle that you are drawn to.

Breathe that color/energy throughout your body.  Bathe yourself in that Divine aspect of God.  Realize the power inherent in you as you visualize your organs being healed.  Breathe easily and deeply.  Feel the breath (Holy Breath) moving throughout your body.  See it clearing away all obstructions to your perfect health.  Feel all the organs of your body responding, releasing and relaxing.

Know that God is healing you.  Thank the Holy Spirit that is working with you.  If you are under medical care bless your doctors, nurses and all those who are helping you to return to good health.

WHITE — purity, the Light of God
PINK — unconditional love
BLUE — peace, Divine Will and the Spirit of the Blessed Mother
YELLOW —  wisdom, joy and celebration
GREEN— healing, higher truth and development of the sixth sense
PURPLE — transformation, transmutation, and spiritual freedom
RED — strength, courage and physical power
SILVER — represents the moon, emotions and intuition
GOLD — represents the sun, wisdom, higher truth
(silver or gold added to the above colors intensifies the power of the color and raises it to a higher vibrational frequency)

BLACK — contains all colors, but reflects no color.  It represents mystery and often denotes depression..

                  LUKE 4:23 PHYSICIAN, HEAL THYSELF