a message from martin luther king

   "Go tell it on the mountain," says the old gospel hymn that we sang together. I told you that I didn't fear death because I had been to the mountain top and l had seen the promised land. I speak to you, my friends, from that place.

     "Before that bullet ended my mortal life I knew with certainty that I would be killed, as you know death; and that I would not die. This is true; I did not die and neither will you. We each lay aside the body that covers our spirit and rise to new heights. Love has been taught throughout the ages, but it must now be demonstrated. Jesus laid down his life for us to show his love for us and to demonstrate that we will never die.

     My freedom marches have not ended. They have been extended. We must stand for peace or watch this country and the world be torn a part, piece by piece. God created the fabric and He has woven the tapestry of time for humanity. We must embrace our brothers and sisters with love and humility. We still have far to go to receive our full payment of justice. We know that discrimination denies justice and wounds hearts. It kills spirits and causes wasted lives. Drugs and drinking have become a curse and prisons hold our children.

     The great ones here with me: Jesus, Mother Theresa, Mahatma Gandhi, Anwar Sadat, George Washington Carver and many others urge you to love one another and to stand up for peace.”

I AM Martin Luther King 1-20-04