More than one billion of our brothers and sisters around the world are Muslim. They are now celebrating the holy month of Ramadan. In the spirit of Universality I offer these words from Mohammed, one of the fifty five ‘Spoonfulls of Honey’ received from the Ascended Masters of Light.

       I am Mohammed and I salute you in appreciation of your efforts to inform and liberate the people. You will find the task difficult and misunderstood. Only a few will appreciate your efforts. Slaves are used to shackles, they do not easily remove them. Often they despise the master who has set them free.

    The shackles of ignorance bind much of mankind to the wheel of rebirth. Over and over they come and go, only to repeat the cycle again and again. Only love can set the prisoners free. The love of SELF.

Going to Mecca will not free one from slavery. The slave must remove his own shackles and then go to Mecca. Mecca, we have called the Holy City.  Jerusalem is called the Holy City by the Jews. Jerusalem is within; Mecca is within.

    Put on the sandals not of the infidel of ignorance; but sandals of Light and walk in the Light to Mecca. Climb the mountain to reach your goal. Ascend to the high places. Go into the caves. These are all places of higher consciousness. They are reached by prayer, meditation and service. There are no short cuts; all must walk the rocky road to Mecca; but all will eventually reach their destination. That destination is your destiny.

    You were born from Light, you are Light and you will ascend again into Light. It sounds so simple. Yet many wars are fought. The killings rage on because mankind has yet to discover this Light, his own Light.

    But the veil is being removed. You shall see great changes, the greater consciousness is happening. We salute you in the name of Allah. Salam.

                                            I AM MOHAMMED