the new group of world servers

     It is no coincidence that you are reading this.  There are no coincidences; there are no accidents.  Your spirit has drawn you to these words to remind you of why you are here in the earth plane.

     You are here, on assignment, as it were, to participate in raising the consciousness of humanity.  You hold a commission in the Planetary Plan along with millions who are members of The New Group of World Servers.  Our ego’s response to this truth is pretty much the same for all of us:  

      “I know I am a member of the New Group of World Servers; but I value my individuality and I demand attention.  I don’t care that my soul and spirit cry “unify, save the world”; I have free will and I can maintain my spiritual isolation.  It makes me feel important to say, “I am unique; I work alone.”  But, my soul knows I’ve been freed from negative ties that bound me to pain and limitation.”

      “I’m aware of the edict of the Great Master, Jesus, who said, “Do not place your light under the bushel, but upon  the candlestick for all to see.”  Matt: 5:15-16.  But, it is not popular for me to “participate in knowing”.  I don’t want to participate in pioneering the higher consciousness. Let someone else do it.  Surely, God, you can find another Joan of Arc, Gandhi or Martin Luther King; I’ll wait until another life to start living my vision of a golden age, the age of peace."

    “My yoke is easy and my burden is light,” cites the Great Teacher again.  Matt: 11:30.  The Ascended Masters of Light tell me: “You hold the vision and work easy.  We will work hard.”  That’s a deal I couldn’t refuse.