begin the new year with passion

This new year is called "The Year Of Freedom". Numerology, the study of how numbers influence human beings, refers to the number five as the number of freedom. Numerology is simple; just add the numbers. 2003, our new year, vibrates to a frequency of freedom. Along with freedom, it indicates an influence of communication and travel.
Thus, a person whose destiny number is five, like Rev. Betty Tatalajski, will feel intense desire for freedom for self and others. These are people who travel a lot or work in the communication and travel field. Each of us will be impelled this year to redefine our personal meaning of freedom. Some feel that we can be free only when all people are free; some believe that they can be free at the denial of freedom of another.

                                                                                  Our mantra for 2003 is:
                                                                              "I AM HAPPY, I AM FREE,    
                                                                             JUST AS GOD CREATED ME." 
                                                                              AND SO ARE ALL OTHERS.

Let's get passionate about this new year and our individual role in it. As metaphysicians we know that we are responsible for all the energy we use. Every choice we make determines the quality of that energy. Every idea is either positive or negative. The quality of this accumulated energy is called Karma. Karma is not just a Hindu word; it is another
word for the law of cause and effect.  

In the western world we are taught The Golden Rule. It says "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you." This simple axiom reminds us that there are consequences for offenses against others. It is spiritual law; it is God's law. As we celebrate our new year let's pray for peace and prosperity for all the people in all the countries in the world.