"A noble man, a noble woman."  How long since you have heard these words?  Nobility is a virtue that has been laid aside to gather dust.  It has disappeared from your minds and hearts as well as from your vocabulary.

   You wonder why the young children grow into angry, unhappy adults?  One of the reasons, dear ones, is the lack of noble role models.  Each of you is of noble birth; as offspring's of God you are created in His image and likeness.  Yet you deny your birthright and lay aside the cloak of protection and guidance from your Creator.  The light of love and inspiration is hidden beneath the shabby rags with which you choose to cover your Self.

   Throw away those tattered and ragged robes and put on the robe of light which is your birthright.  The time of meekness and weakness is over.  Stand in the power of your inner light and pick up your staff of authority. Now master your thoughts, your words and your actions.  Grovel no more in your sense of unworthiness, dear children. 

    You are here to build a bridge to higher consciousness over which many will cross.  It is called the Rainbow Bridge, the Bridge to Freedom.

  You each wear the coat of many colors.  Allow those colors, those God qualities and principles to shine through you.  Do not try to change another; neither criticize nor condemn.  But, be a light unto your brothers and sisters so that they might reflect their own light.

   Nobility is the word of the day, dear friends.  Take up your shield of light and your lance of love; for you are on a crusade for peace.  You have our blessings.   

                           We are your Elder Brothers.