our birthright

     It is important for us to remember at all times who we are and not let ourselves be deluded.  There are many around us who deny their divinity and would deny us our birthright of joy.  “Get real,” they tell us.  “Be afraid, fear for your future, don’t trust strangers.”  There are no strangers, there are only people/friends whom we haven’t met yet.

    Jesus the Christed one, who we call messiah or avatar of Pisces, the advanced metaphysician who demonstrated that there is no death, gave us but one commandment.  That commandment is that “Ye love one another.”  We have made a blasphemy of his life and denigrated his ministry.  His words were distorted; his message changed by a priesthood who invented original sin as a surefire way of keeping humanity on its knees figuratively and literally.  They did us no favor.

    That infamous day of 9/11 has given birth to a new world view and an opportunity for soul growth for each of us.  We thought we were sneaking into Aquarius in our old robes of established prejudices keeping our religious intolerance intact.  Not so!  I remember when I walked into Rev. Howard Richard’s spiritualist church many years ago and was introduced to my spirit guides and teachers.  Their first words to me were; “Take off your old robe and lay it aside.  It is time for you to enter into conscious reality!”  In other words, “wake up, you’ve been asleep too long.”  I was like Alice in Wonderland – and still am.

    “You are light,” they said, “we all are.”  “In all of God’s creation we are conscious light.  You have allowed yourselves to become separated from others and from God by the belief that you are bodies.  Again, not so.  You are created in the image and likeness of the Creator God who is spirit; you are spirit.”