picture yourself healthy with visualization

Many people are introduced to stress reduction techniques by their doctor after their heart attack, stroke or other debilitating medical problem.  One technique that  is prescribed is psychoneuroimmunology called PNI.  Another name for this exercise is visualization.  Visualization is simply "seeing " oneself well.
All of us have the ability to image; we call it using our imagination.  Medical science has discovered what great sages through the ages have been telling us, "that we are as we perceive (or picture) ourselves to be.
Each sunrise and sunset seems to be painted by a great cosmic artist. Each of us has the ability to paint our own mental pictures.  Meditation is the process by which we link ourselves to the source of life.  It is called listening to the silence and it is easy.      

"Sit quietly and breathe deeply through your nose.  Now focus your attention on the bridge of your nose.  See in your mind's eye a large screen.  See yourself on the screen.  See yourself in perfect health, enjoying life.  See yourself in loving relationships, enjoying the company of others.  See yourself embracing your wife, husband, lover, children.  See yourself prosperous, enjoying vacations and travel.  

Continue to breathe normally while you focus on your pictures. Do this for five minutes. Take three deep breaths; now open your eyes. You will feel peaceful, relaxed and ready to start your day."

Let go of dis-ease and paint your picture with ease. You are a cosmic artist; paint your life with broad, bold and colorful strokes.