seek ye first

"But, seek ye first the kingdom of heaven and all things shall be added unto you." The kingdom of heaven is not a place--it is a level of consciousness. It is a peaceful mind and a loving heart.

Much is spoken of the power of the mind; but little is mentioned of the responsibility of mind. Remember, dear children, you are responsible for all your creations. Your world, your environment and all that you see and experience are results of your thoughts you imaged into creation.

What have you created for yourself or, more importantly, what have you created of yourself.  For many of you the Divine Architect, the master builder within you, has lain dormant. You have not called forth the creative power to work for you. He is lying under rubble of broken dreams and ashes of your shattered hopes.

There lies within each of you the power of greatness. Remembe the formula for using this power: it is in the power of the triangle. It is In the sacred geometry of the pyramids. This sacred geometry of divinity is another name for God. It is in the three-fold power of mind, heart and will. All three of these powers must be used in equal measure. To think, to love and to do, that, dear ones, is the magic formula.

Many in their building are using but two of these tools: the mind and the will. The heart, love, is missing. The doing must be for the many and not for self. The little self (the ego) thinks only of me and mine. The great self includes all.

You have come to earth to birth a higher consciousness. Rise into your rightful mind, leave all your fears and blame behind. Before taking action on your thoughts, your words and ideas; let them linger in your heart for a while. Are they for your highest good and do they help others? If the answer is "yes", then put the power of your will behind them; they will be accomplished.

Helping worthy projects is our purpose. We are Cosmic Builders