soft hearted people

Did you ever notice how God uses soft hearted people; and how they got that way? I have. I have a neighbor who smoked for many years. She had throat cancer and has a tracheotomy tube in her throat. She speaks through a hand held speaker that she holds against the trach tube. She visits schools to encourage children not to smoke. She is passionate in her purpose to help keep children smoke free. One day last week she spoke at three Tucson schools.

Surely she is making an impact for the good of our children. She certainly earned her credentials to speak on behalf of smokers.

     Isaac Taggert, founder of the Hard Rock Cafes, asked Sai Baba why his childhood was so very traumatic and painful. His father owned a company in Jackson, Tennessee, that employed most of the local workforce. He had two brothers.  

     He and one of the brothers were playing (digging a cave in the side
of a hill); the cave collapsed and his brother was killed.  Isaac said he blamed himself for that accident.     

     The other brother, who was very sensitive and had a genius I Q, went into a depression. He lived in mental hospitals for many years before he committed suicide. Since Isaac was the only person with whom he would communicate; Isaac stayed with him at the hospital for much of that time.

     After that tragedy Isaac's father went to live in England with his
secretary. The company closed and the Jackson workforce was unemployed. "Why was my childhood so painful?" Isaac asked. Sai Baba simply said, "To soften your heart." Soften, it did. Isaac Taggert was in great part responsible for building a state of the art trauma hospital in South India. All services are free. God bless you, Isaac, and your soft heart.