spiritual healing

Beloved friends, you have been given a priceless tool; polish the rust off of it and use it. It is the gift of healing. Spiritual healing. You have been doing world healing, absentee healing and theoretical healing. Now purify the healing conduits (channels) that you are and permit spirit to heal through you.

You have the tools, the faith and the intention. Now it is time for the action. You have gathered healing tools from around the world. You have brought holy oils from the Church Of The Holy Sepulcher in Jerusalem and water from the Blessed Springs at Lourdes. You are supplied with water from the Blessed Holy Grail itself.  You have sacred eagle feathers for use in the healing ceremonies.

What are you waiting for, dear children of light? Change your focus for the millennium away from the mundane to the miraculous. You have come to be workers of miracles. Set aside the limitations of ego and apathy. Put on your mantle of light for the working of miracles. Let your light so shine among men that they might see the spirit of God working though you.

                             I AM Luke, The Physician