St. germaine speaks to his students

   The search for the Grail is over, dear children.  You are the Grail that you seek.  Long you have wandered as lowly pilgrims toward your goal.  Your heads have hung toward the earth.  Your hearts leadened with guilt, shame and worry.

   The rose in your heart has been crushed by dogma and the dictates of others.  The Church has ruled much of your life.  It is time, beloved messengers of peace, to allow the rose to bloom once more.  You are the Rosicrucians, the ones who placed their roses upon the cross of self-denial to protect the sacred wisdom, so called.

     Humanity was not ready to receive the full light of the world.  The waiting is over.  The time is now for you to stand in your radiant God-Self and be the Light of the World.  No more darkened hallways and dank cells for my chelas.  Throw off those shackles of unworthiness and doubt.  Remember your assignments.  You are the completion of the Grail Quest.  Pick up Excalibur.  Hold it before you —it is your own God-given discernment.  Release the prisoners from their dungeons of sin and guilt.  Bringers of Light, the Golden Age is here.

     It is good to review the past, to remember the parts you’ve played in history and how they have brought you to this place, this Temple of the Masons.  Share with the people, many will remember as they hear and see their roles flash across their miles of memories.  Back to the pyramids as temple priests, astrologers, magi, healers and builders.  Back to the great Solomon and the building of the Great Temple.  Hiram Abiff is the master builder in each man — each is attacked by powers seemingly outside of himself.

     Each person is Solomon’s Temple, the temple of wisdom.  Each will complete the thirty-three steps (initiations) to self-mastery.  It will be done with the square and the compass through the divinity of geometry —GOD.  Remember the decree of TRUTH that I have given you: I AM THE HAND OF GOD IN ACTION IN ME NOW.”

     You worked together in the forming of this new country, the new Camelot.  You heard me shout in the halls of the first congress in Philadelphia, “Sign the document.”  You watched the first Camelot crumble into dust.  It was designed to bring peace to earth.  But, it could not stand against lies and hatred.  Jealousies, dear friends, were the undoing of my beloved Camelot.  I, as Merlin, watched the dream of glory die.  Under cosmic law I could do nothing more.

     As the Aquarian teacher I renew my vow to America, “Peace shall prevail.”  You stand today in a building that is symbolic of that freedom.  The spirit of great truth lies within these walls.  Bring it forth.  Shake the dust off the rituals with your decrees and cleanse them with violet fire.

Welcome to you, keepers of the flame, into your new home. 
I AM St. Germaine