We're Prepared

  We’re prepared for a new paradigm; let’s not bail out or give in now.   Since the 60’s through to the 90’s, we’ve been chanting Ohm’s and singing Aquarius, and now the face of the new millennium looks strange to us.  We thought the Golden Age, the Age of Peace, was a happening.  We didn’t know we were responsible for making it happen; that we individually were going to create our heaven or hell.  Let’s not bail out or give in now—we are prepared!

        Under an umbrella of new age thought groups, came together to study ancient wisdom and how to apply it to daily living.  We learned to meditate, to raise our consciousness and to lower our blood pressure.  We discovered Spiritualism and saw demonstrations of life after death; many experienced NDE’s (near death experience) and saw for themselves evidence of continued life.  We resurrected occult teachings, ideas and principles that have been hidden from the masses.

        Many went to India to learn from learned sages and gurus.  We learned yoga, hatha yoga, karma yoga, and raja yoga.  We learned detachment from Buddhists and a love of nature from native Americans.  We’ve learned to use the power of visualization and positive thinking.  We’ve become healing channels and experienced healing miracles.  We’ve learned of the power of the breath and how it adds life to our years and years to our life.

        All this exploration and meditation has brought us into new and higher states of awareness and sensitivity.  We’ve become clairvoyant and clairaudient; we can see and hear interdimensionally.   Some of us are acting as channels for our mentors, the master teachers of Light; some as teachers, others as writers.  We are teaching and studying astrology, tarot, psychometry (dowsing) and graphology.  Our Temple seminary teaches the mantric arts within Kabala, Hindu and native American rituals.

     ‘A Course In Miracles’ was given by spirit as a universal course in the remembrance of who and what we are.  We are spirit and we are a part of God; we are love.  Jesus’ message of love has been distorted and we find ourselves on the battlefield of Armageddon.  This battle between the forces of good and evil rages within each of us; it is the battle between the ego and the soul for the control of our lives.  The ego is battling for the narrow world view of me and mine; the soul is universal and cares for all.

     Noises, knocks and shots seem to be the precursors of changes.   Scientists speak of the Big Bang theory of creation.  In 1848 in the little cottage of the Fox family in Hydesville, N.Y., were the knocks on the wall that were heard around the world.  They rent the veil between the physical and spiritual worlds and introduced spiritualism into the world.

     Now we are catapulted into that new paradigm by the crashing of planes and the destruction of twin towers.  We are prepared to enter into the Golden Age, the New Millennium.  We have the training and the experience.  We must stand in our power, our own peace.  Jesus said, “Be still and know that I AM God.”  That great I AM presence is our core being.  Let us individually identify with our divinity so that we can collectively create a world of peace.