words of st. germain

    "The hour strikes in the evolution of every planet and its humanity when they must express the full peace, harmony, Perfection and the Divine Plan of the system to which they belong. When that hour strikes, humanity either moves forward and fulfills that plan, or whatever portion will not come into alignment with the new Activity removes itself to another school room of the Universe, until those personalities learn obedience to life. . 

     "Human beings are the only creator of 'hell'. They can accept and obey the Law of Life and enjoy every good thing of the 'Kingdom' or they can disobey and be broken as a reed before the storm, by their own self-generated discord. Each individual carries his own heaven or hell with him every moment, for these are but the results of mental and emotional states which the individual has created, because of his own attitude. There is no other cause for them.

"Over the humanly generated chaos of the past, there are being poured out by the Ascended Masters and Great Cosmic Messengers, great streams of Love and harmony upon which peace depends. Mankind, having so long pulled against the Great Cosmic Current of Love which ever seeks to bless, is now being compelled to turn around and seek the Light in order to survive in the midst of its own destructive emanations of the past."