wow! that's different!

    Just as I get ready to have my new Live With Spirit bumper stickers made Bishop John Shelby Spong comes to town to denigrate, deny and denounce all supernatural happenings.

     Bishop Spong, I think has the DDT’s.  It is Divine Discontent Time  in his life.  That’s when your spirit starts pushing on your soul to get on the path of spiritual progress.  This causes a war between the ego personality and one’s soul.  The ego wants to continue its reign over our lives and its claim on us.  The soul is prodded by the spirit to break loose its bonds and to be about its purpose.

     I admire Bishop Spong’s enthusiasm and passion for saving Christianity from fundamentalism.  I also was raised in a segregated and narrow religious environment.  And we converts make the best zealots.
     He came about his “awakening” through a rationalizing intellect.  Mine came about through direct communication with spirit in a Spiritualist church.

     When St. Jude said, “Ask me and I’ll help you,” I bought a candle, said a prayer and asked for his help.  Within forty-eight hours my life drastically changed for the better.  For over twenty years I have been passionately prompting people to “experience”, not just to worship God.

     Bishop Spong’s emancipation through rationalization denies the power of Divine Intervention.  This power of the Holy Spirit has delighted me over the years and saved my life on numerous occasions.

     I can’t swim.  I was hanging on the back of a boat, going to jump aboard, like they do in the movies, when the pilot suddenly gave it full speed ahead.  I was being dragged through the alligator infested waters of St. John’s river (in Florida).  I knew I was safe.  I would not drown, get my hair wet or mess my make-up.  But I had no idea how I would be saved.  Dear, caring friends were holding my wrists and feeling helpless.

     After a while of assuring them that I was safe, a man in a diver’s wet suit appeared at my right side and inquired, “May I be of assistance?” “Yes, thank you I replied.”  And then his diving partner appeared at my left side up through the water.  They held me under the arms and swam me to shore.

     Waiting on the shore were twenty or more divers.  They were completing their diving course.  It was their graduation day and they had brought camcorders to film the event.  There was much celebration by the team and much appreciation by me.

     Thank God for Divine Intervention and thanks, fellows for not sending your film to the TV folks.

NOTE: After I had shared my assumptions of Bishop Spong, St. Germaine said to me: “Bishop Spong is doing a great job for humanity.  He is emptying people of their belief systems.  Beliefs hide the truth.  Truth is to be experienced not learned.”

     “Remember your own experience in the shattering of your belief system?  It is the same for all people.  Religion is a learned way to worship God.  Man needs to experience God directly before he realizes that he and God are one”.