ye are gods

you just forgot your crowns

      Self-realization is about discovering your divinity and actualizing it. In the search for your golden crown no one can find it for you. And no one can set a crown on your head but you. In renaissance paintings these golden crowns are called “haloes”. In Eastern philosophy they are called the “Antahkarana”. We simply call them “Corona del Sol”, the crown of the sun, or “Corona del Oro”, the crown of gold.

      The formula for self-fulfillment has not changed since time immemorial. In self-development, the development of the higher self; the soul, involves the blending of three energies, three principles: the head, the heart, and the hands. In this formula are the triune energies necessary for building. This triangle builds a pyramid of stone or a pyramid temple for the soul.

      Meditation, prayer and service are the key to spiritual growth and purposeful living. It is symbolized by the three-fold flame within the heart. Go into the altar of the heart and focus on the three principles of heart (unconditional love, pink), head (wisdom, gold) and willpower (blue). Watch these flames grow and flow together creating the “Freedom Flame”.  You can see this flame in your mind’s eye as purple, the principle of transformation and transmutation. Principles are energy. Each vibrates at its own  frequency and is seen as a particular color; the color and the principle become one.  The color purple designates royalty.
    The twice born soul is risen. You have been “born again”; this time into spiritual form. The Christ child, “love” is born.

      To quote the beloved master teacher, Jesus, we say: “Let your light so shine before men that they may  see your good works and glorify  your Father which is in heaven”. Pray, Meditate and breathe holy breath; achieve and receive blessings of peace, poise and passion for your purpose.

                      Our blessings be upon you children of light.