R. MARTIN LUTHER KING CHANNELING
                                Received by Rev. Betty Tatalajski

     "Go tell it on the mountain," says the old gospel hymn that we sang together. I told you that I didn't fear death because I had been to the mountain top and l had seen the promised land. I speak to you, my friends, from that place.

     "Before that bullet ended my mortal life I knew with certainty that I would be killed, as you know death; and that I would not die. This is true; I did not die and neither will you. We each lay aside the body that covers our spirit and rise to new heights. Love has been taught throughout the ages, but it must now be demonstrated. Jesus laid down his life for us to show his love for us and to demonstrate that we will never die.

     My freedom marches have not ended. They have been extended. We must stand for peace or watch this country and the world be torn a part, piece by piece. God created the fabric and He has woven the tapestry of time for humanity. We must embrace our brothers and sisters with love and humility. We still have far to go to receive our full payment of justice. We know that discrimination denies justice and wounds hearts. It kills spirits and causes wasted lives. Drugs and drinking have become a curse and prisons hold our children.

     The great ones here with me: Jesus, Mother Theresa, Mahatma Gandhi, Anwar Sadat, George Washington Carver and many others urge you to love one another and to stand up for peace.”

I AM Martin Luther King 1-20-04

By Rev. Betty Tatalajski

It is important for us to remember at all times who we are and not let ourselves be deluded.  There are many around us who deny their divinity and would deny us our birthright of joy.  “Get real,” they tell us.  “Be afraid, fear for your future, don’t trust strangers.”  There are no strangers, there are only people/friends whom we haven’t met yet.

    Jesus the Christed one, who we call messiah or avatar of Pisces, the advanced metaphysician who demonstrated that there is no death, gave us but one commandment.  That commandment is that “Ye love one another.”  We have made a blasphemy of his life and denigrated his ministry.  His words were distorted; his message changed by a priesthood who invented original sin as a surefire way of keeping humanity on its knees figuratively and literally.  They did us no favor.

    That infamous day of 9/11 has given birth to a new world view and an opportunity for soul growth for each of us.  We thought we were sneaking into Aquarius in our old robes of established prejudices keeping our religious intolerance intact.  Not so!  I remember when I walked into Rev. Howard Richard’s spiritualist church many years ago and was introduced to my spirit guides and teachers.  Their first words to me were; “Take off your old robe and lay it aside.  It is time for you to enter into conscious reality!”  In other words, “wake up, you’ve been asleep too long.”  I was like Alice in Wonderland – and still am.

    “You are light,” they said, “we all are.”  “In all of God’s creation we are conscious light.  You have allowed yourselves to become separated from others and from God by the belief that you are bodies.  Again, not so.  You are created in the image and likeness of the Creator God who is spirit; you are spirit.”


One of the greatest organizations that has come into being in the past century is Alcoholics Anonymous/AA. Many lives have been changed, many perhaps saved and families are functioning that might not be without AA. Many people have been guided into higher levels of consciousness and greater awareness through AA and other twelve step programs.

There is another step, though, for those who are ready and willing to take it. That is the 13th step, the step to freedom. (In numerology 1+3=4/foundation, thus the step to freedom.) This step is sometimes called the metaphysical or cosmic step. This step is moving from the little me of limitation (ego consciousness) to the spiritual consciousness of the I AM/spirit consciousness.

Remember God's admonition to Moses? My name is I AM.... This is humanity's God name for time irn- memorial (forever).

I AM privileged to attend the annual reunions each year of alumni of Cottonwood and Sierra Tucson. These are two of the centers for the rehabilitation of folks with addiction problems. These centers and others provide a wonderful philosophical, spiritual and physical lifeline to many around to world. Their celebrity graduates are role models for the masses and their message is simple.

                     "I took control of my life; and you can too."

From these are people who take the time, spend the money and travel great distances to come together to celebrate life.

One of, the most inspirational speakers/authors I've met is Father Leo Booth, an Episcopalian priest.  Over the years I've listened to him inspire many with his enthusiasm, eloquence and sincerity. His book: "The God Game, It's Your Move", talks about how we each have created a GOD BOX. The God in our box has been given attributes of rescuer, fixer, judge and a father who punishes or rewards as he is inclined. Sounds like we have created our God in our image, doesn't it?

Many of the qualities we have given God and the dogmas, liturgy and ritual in our God Box we have taken from our religious training. He says that the God Box is the spiritual baggage we carry from one religion to another. It's built from the collection of confusing messages and unhealthy beliefs about spirituality.

Two of the unhealthy core beliefs in the popular version of the God Box are:

1. We are born inherently sinful or powerless.

2. Only God has the power to fix or change us; nothing happens to us 
    except through the Will of God.

These are the roots of spiritual disempowerment. They are tangled in the bedrock of religious teachings. Our spirit teachers tell us that religion is the way man worships God and that spirituality is the attunement of one with the Creative Source.

We use a decree of freedom that helps us remember who we are. It reminds us that we are created in the image and likeness of God. It says, "I AM HAPPY, I AM FREE, I AM AS GOD CREATED ME.

Father Leo Booth's spirituality shines through him. He reminds me of Matthew 5:14, "You are the Light of the world. A city that is set on a hill cannot be hid. Let your Light so shine before men that they might see your good works and glorify your Father which is in heaven."
Father Leo tells a story of his trip to Bali, Indonesia, where he was going to speak at a conference. While buying his airline ticket he was reminded that his passport will expire in four months and six months was required before the expiration date in order for him to travel overseas.

Since he carries a British passport he talked his way into flying to Shanghai; the Chinese accepted the four month expiration date. Bali insisted upon the full six months. He was going to make a plea to the British Embassy in Shanghai for an expedited passport renewal. It wouldn't happen, he was assured by the British and American government, not within the time frame he required for his lecture in Bali. He went to China anyway.

On the plane he was sitting in an aisle seat near the back. As a woman left the rest room and started up the aisle he noticed that her skirt was hiked up and caught in her waist band. She got up, and walked closely behind her. He whispered to her about her skirt.  She thanked him profusely then said to him, "You're not American; you're British aren't you? I'm also British.  I work in the passport renewal section of the British Embassy in Shanghai.

He had his passport renewal within two days and made his scheduled talk in Bali. He recognized that that experience was a magic moment. A cosmic coincidence, or serendipity as they say. Of course, he knows that there are no coincidences or accidents in the universe and that these experiences are to expand our awareness of cosmic or universal laws.

There are many paths to greater awareness and the ego's hold of limitation. "CELEBRATION," a Sunday evening group that I facilitated from 1985 to 1990 was one of the most powerful and potent life changing opportunities that I've experienced. We simply "celebrated" ourselves and others "happy, healthy and whole."       

One young woman freed herself from her eating disorder by doing a fire walk with me. Others, attending our 'Course in Miracles' groups and accepting the ideas within it as valid, were able to forgive their way to freedom.  Some had been in therapy, twelve step programs, counseling and support groups for years. The Course reminds us that we are neither our bodies nor our ego mind/ personality, but that we are spirit. Spirit, unlike the body, the emotions and the personality, cannot possibly be hurt. It is a part of the God force. It is the I AM THAT I AM.

Our opening song was usually "Magic". Its message is empowering and true.    We ended with "Living the Vision." Its message is also clear; it speaks to the soul: don't wait for another life to turn the wrong that you see into right living the vision.

Saint Jude reminds us that he has helped many through the ages and that he is still on the job. Many lives have been helped through his intercession. I was asked by a relative in spirit to do a novena for one here on earth. I did, and he was healed.

There are many paths to transcendence, the moving away from mundane muddles in our lives. But, like house paint, these rules, techniques, decrees and prayers only work when applied.

The transmutation of negative situations and problems through the use of the Violet Fire is assured. It seems to work like magic. But, again, the decrees only work when they are sincerely used. All of us are feeling the tension between the ego's fight for dominion and the soul's desire to live our vision.

It is time for us to pray/ask for guidance, meditate/listen for the voice of silence and begin applying our passion to our purpose.

Heart To Heart

  Did you ever notice that when someone wants to have a “heart to heart” chat with you it usually isn’t?  Often it’s an ego to heart talk.  Sometimes someone will say to you, “I really don’t want to tell you this, but for your own good… I will.”  That preamble is usually followed by something that hurts your feelings, hurts your heart.  That is not a heart to heart talk; that’s an ego to heart talk.

     The heart is a place of love, acceptance and tolerance.  Heart consciousness, which is true love, not the emotional, limiting kind, never hurts.  Let us not confuse love which is an attribute of our spirit with our emotions.  In fact it’s good to remind ourselves about the truth of who we are:

                                                                                  I AM not my body.
                                                                                  I AM not my mind.
                                                                               I AM not my emotions.
                                                                                       I AM SPIRIT!

God is Spirit; created in His image, we are Spirit. John 4:24 “God is Spirit; and those who worship Him must worship in spirit and in truth.”  
                                                                                  Rev. Betty Tatalajski


                               By Rev. Betty Tatalajski

   "A noble man, a noble woman."  How long since you have heard these words?  Nobility is a virtue that has been laid aside to gather dust.  It has disappeared from your minds and hearts as well as from your vocabulary.

   You wonder why the young children grow into angry, unhappy adults?  One of the reasons, dear ones, is the lack of noble role models.  Each of you is of noble birth; as offspring's of God you are created in His image and likeness.  Yet you deny your birthright and lay aside the cloak of protection and guidance from your Creator.  The light of love and inspiration is hidden beneath the shabby rags with which you choose to cover your Self.

   Throw away those tattered and ragged robes and put on the robe of light which is your birthright.  The time of meekness and weakness is over.  Stand in the power of your inner light and pick up your staff of authority. Now master your thoughts, your words and your actions.  Grovel no more in your sense of unworthiness, dear children. 

    You are here to build a bridge to higher consciousness over which many will cross.  It is called the Rainbow Bridge, the Bridge to Freedom.

  You each wear the coat of many colors.  Allow those colors, those God qualities and principles to shine through you.  Do not try to change another; neither criticize nor condemn.  But, be a light unto your brothers and sisters so that they might reflect their own light.

   Nobility is the word of the day, dear friends.  Take up your shield of light and your lance of love; for you are on a crusade for peace.  You have our blessings.   

                           We are your Elder Brothers.