~ 29 ~

“Open my eyes that I may see glimpses of Truth thou hast for me. Place in my hand the wonderful key that shall unclasp and set me free.” We know this song is very special to our friend, Peter. And we see the power of Spirit working through him.

We see the results of speaking the prayers and of singing the words. This song of prayer flows through the unseen realms; - and helpers respond. They come by invitation from your heart and the words spoken by your tongues. It is the power of the spoken word, dear ones, that opens many doors.

“Ask and it shall be given.” Long have these words been spoken and taught from your Bible. Read with greater understanding of truth in these words. Ask through the power of your own I AM presence. Ask that the power be multiplied by the momentum of the power of the Christ - (Love). Ask that your requests be made according to and under the direction of Spirit.

“Thy will be done,” is a powerful tool for transformation. The giving up of the desire of the ego to the will of the Spirit; - that is how the eyes are opened and the key to higher levels of consciousness is received.

Peter has spoken. He has activated the power of the heart and now the words flow freely through him from many in higher realms. “He is the proof in the pudding,” as we say.

It is the Law. Ask it and it will be given. Be careful in the asking and in the thoughts. Be sure that which you ask is for the highest good for self and all others. This is the safeguard that allows only that which is right for your life stream.

You would not consciously bring harm to self or others. Do not allow misdirected thoughts and words to create disharmony and pain. Be vigilant in controlling the thoughts. Speak with conviction words of sincere praise and appreciation. Bring blessings to all those around you. Through you the world is made holy.