El morya

~ 30 ~

I AM El Moraya Khan and I greet you this morning from my retreat in India. Long ago, you lived in this area and each morning your eyes gazed upon the holy river Ganges. The waters flowed down from the sacred Himalayas and blessed the country and its people.

It is important that the river of words pour through you to bless the people. You will be like the sacred river that sustains your life. Your words will flow to the arid hearts and give life to them.

It is sorely needed now. As the banks of the great river dry up and wait for the rain, so hearts have dried up and have no water of life pouring through them. Speak the words of life. There is power in the word. Speak and write. Both are powerful and both are needed.

There is much desert on the planet, but the greater desert is the life of man. Nourishment is needed, - the wells are dry. The wells have been emptied of words of life and all that pours forth is sand. When the heart is lifeless, the soul does not grow. It cannot flourish and enrich the life. The lifeless soul is a wasted life. Purpose for being grows and flows through joy and service.

“Hope springs eternal in the human heart.” It is true; - but only when the rivers of faith are undammed. The power of the spoken word is given to you. You have earned it. You have poured out that which you have received.

Continue on the path of giving and receiving. We stand ready to assist you from the retreat in Darjeeling. Come to my retreat and replenish the waters of your soul, beloved one. NAMASTE