~ 31 ~

Visualization is done through Inner Vision. Seeing with the eyes of the soul that which is desire, is necessary. Creations of the soul are for the good of all. They do not serve the few. The little Self, the Ego, creates in the astral realms those things that gratify the senses. They gratify the ego a short time, but those creations will not satisfy the soul.

It is time for humanity to turn inward and take assessment of what it is building - and decide if this is truly the highest and best creation. Ask yourselves dear friends: “Is what I AM creating for the good of self and others?” If the answer is yes, then draw forth the green ray, - call forth the builders and it will be done.

Let your little desires of materialism and recognition flow away from you. They are not worthy of you. Picture the streams of light radiating from your broken chakra. It is the way of levitation, telepathy, and most importantly, - healing. Feel the Love in your heart and consciously project it out to others through your mind. Ask the Creator, the eternal God to use this Love, your thoughts - to heal and bless.  ...And it will be done.

After you have created in the pattern in your mind, call forth the violet fire; - call forth St. Germaine. As your thought form is being coalesced, surround it with violet fire to transmute any negative conditions that may surround it. This is important as you build the Temple. It is important that the Temple be built. We are working with you.