~ 33 ~

Friends of Earth, it is our pleasure to connect with you in this way. We appreciate your reaching out to us with your thoughts. The Creator has made us as One, and it is time for us to come together.

We join with you in building the temple of Universality. It is a very important undertaking. The consciousness of separation must be transcended. The wars and confusion on your planet can only be eliminated by a global consciousness of brotherhood. Please understand the we - in the other planes of consciousness, - stand ready to help you.

Your sacred writings teach you Love, but they have been interpreted to include only a few. You must stop thinking in such narrow thoughts. The Creator is one. We are all part of all.

Your have heard the word: “To have all, you must give all.” These words are true. Give of yourself in service to others and give up your thoughts of helplessness and hopelessness. The beautiful young people of earth get trapped in an whirlwind of negative, discordant energy. You speak of pollution dear friends, but the real pollution is in the airways that bombard your minds.

The thoughts and words that vibrate your planet are confusion, frustration and fear. Your children need to know to go into the silence; - into the heart. There, they can find retreat from the assaulting pressures of media and mass consciousness. The earth’s aura is being darkened by negative thoughts as well as indiscriminate use of her natural resource.

We encourage your efforts in preserving endangered animals, - clearing your waterways and outlawing nuclear testing. Start with teaching unconditional Love.. Love for the indwelling God.  Teach your little ones that they are Love. For that is surely what they are. In the silent room of the heart is the answer to your world’s problem. For it will whisper: “We are One.”

We come to you in Love for we are one with you and we are