Celestial singers

 ~ 34 ~

“How great thou art.” The beautiful song that you sing in your gathering is so true. And as you sing, the Love of God flows from your hearts and through the sound waves. The vibrations of Love wash over your planet in healing waves and many are blessed.

We see the vibrations as waves of color emanating from your meeting places. And we join with you in your songs of praise and appreciation to the Creator God.

We would encourage a resurgence of singing; - a renaissance of music. Music is balm for aching hearts and weary bodies. It is peace to restless hearts. Open your mouth’s: “make a joyful noise unto the Lord.” Fill your bodies with vibrations of harmony and they can be healed. Yes, there is healing in harmonic resonance of music on the distressed nervous system. All is energy, - you know this, - remember this. Allow vibrations and uplifting melodies to flow through your mind, bringing peace and quiet to your emotions.

Of course, the mind and emotions create the ease and disease of the physical body. You know these things, but we simply remind you.

Sing. Sing songs of gladness. Sing songs of comfort and upliftment. Not only will you individually be blessed, but all of humanity is blessed. And Love will illumine your planet.

Our hearts and voices sing out to you.