~ 35 ~

Know ye this day that this is sacred ground. Hear the singing of the winds. Hear the chanting of my people. We are here - we have never left.

The Great Spirit resides in this place. In the trees, in the singing winds, and in the Spirit of my people. We welcome you here this day; for you have come to celebrate the Spirit of these mountains. Listen; - the Spirit will speak to you, as I speak to you now.

Every Sentinel in these valleys is an expression of Spirit. They stand as guardians of the valley floor. On some of this sacred land man has never stood.

The birds sing in the trees. Their music warms our hearts. We gather around our campfires - we dance our salute to the Great Spirit. And we still beat our sacred drums as we did before.

This is our land. This is our Mother and we are her children. Keep her streams pure, protect her trees and rocks. Live in peace with our brothers, sisters, the animals, birds and fish. Protect your wise ones; the snakes, - they do you no harm.

Man must learn to live in peace with each other and in harmony with what you call nature. We call her Mother. Listen to the Spirit, it will guide you heart and your feet. Walk in your moccasins lightly so that you can feel the heartbeat of the earth. Gather a few rocks for your altars. We will speak to you through them.

Breathe deeply of this sacred air. It will bring restoral to the body and soul. Bring your friends of the Circle; - they are welcome. We are One with them. We ask the blessings of the Great Spirit on you. We are working with you.

We are the Spirit of the Apache People.