Cardinal J.H. Newman

                                     ~ 36 ~

“All is well with my soul.” These are words we would have you speak. These simple word can guide you into pathways of peace. Speak them. Feel the vibrations of peace that they play upon you body, mind and soul.

It is simple to choose peace. Why do you choose war, beloved ones? War cannot come to those who choose peace. Battles may rage around you, but peace cannot be killed. It can only be denied; - it can only be disclaimed.

You are peace; it is your nature. You are a part of God the Creator. God is Love; God is peace. How can his children be otherwise.
Deny not the creative source that flows through your being. As we have spoken before, this is the great blasphemy, dear friends. To deny the creative source, is to deny your birthright.

Children weep and they wail because of fear. They think they are alone. They know not that they are Love and peace. Tell them the truth of their Father Mother God. Tell them of their inheritance of Love and show them how to share it with others.

Do not teach them separation and superiority. Teach them of the allness of unity. Unity is Love, separation is fear. Teach them to celebrate the life God has given. Lead them by your example into a peaceful world. Encourage their individuality so that they might accomplish their missions. Free their minds and hearts from fear so that they might be beacons of light. Too long has mankind wandered in darkness. The little ones are your hope for a better tomorrow. They are coming to earth as messengers of Love.

Encourage them as the Master Jesus did. For did he not say: “Suffer the little children to come unto me and forbid them not. For such is the Kingdom of God.”

The Kingdom of God is within. Celebrate with joy the God within. The children are messengers of peace. Look to the little ones with Love. Protect them from the darkness of fear. Raise them in the light of God and allow them to teach their message.