Dr. Lang

~ 37 ~

If you would know the truth that shall set you free, go into the heart. Within is where the answers lie. Do not be discouraged. Challenges will come and they will go. In this process all will grow.

We see the little smile at our words; - our little poem. A smile is important, it sets the mind and emotions right. As the corners of the lips turn up, so does the heart beat with peace.

Little things are important. Little thoughts are important. They can elevate man to the highest level of achievement. Or they can become the cracks in the pillars that cause a nation to fall. Each thought is important. Guard your mind. Be vigilant. All that you are attempting to do rests upon these words. Guard your thoughts. Your mind must see the perfected self if you are to achieve perfection.

Your mind must see a completed Temple if it is to be built. Do not let your mind waver. “Be Still and Know.” Know beyond a shadow of a doubt that the plan in unfolding according to divine will. And know that your every footstep is guided. It most certainly will be.

We are with you; - we are guiding you. But we can only guide when the heart and mind are at peace. Peace casts out all fear. Your mantra for this day is this simple truth: “ My perfect peace surrounds me - flows through me and creates my world.” Think it, know it and it is so.

As we have said many times before, you do not have to ask for peace. Just remember that “you are a piece of God.” Thank you for allowing me to speak with you his morning.