Master amos

~ 38 ~

I AM Amos and I AM here to encapsulate you in a cocoon of Emerald Light. As you have told your students, the emerald green ray is most important at this time. It is necessary. In order to build, one must visualize this ray. It magnetizes the creative energies. Call forth the elementals, the builders of f39.

“To thy own self be true.” This is my thoughtful instruction for you this day. Many will come forth to advise, - some will come forth to help. Accept their assistance, they are being sent in reply to your prayers. They are the answers to your prayers, as it were.

Share the vision of the Temple. Many others hold this vision, but it has not surfaced yet. Their minds get clouded and their emotions are unsettled. But there are many Temple Builders around you. Much will come forth.

Bless all with whom you share life. Surround them with Love and offer prayers for their good. It is only when they are healed that they can be about the business of Temple building.

Look past the weaknesses of character and the lack of awareness. Look to the God within that person and hold the vision of that perfect being. Soon you may see the response. Like a flower to the sun do the petals of the heart open in the light of Love.

It is not important to understand another. It is only important to love another. That is where the common bond lies; - in the heart.

Each is inner guided to walk his path of individuality back to the Creator. Honor each other’s path. Shine your light on each other’s paths when help is needed. But do not interfere or intrude upon another’s path.

Many are being reminded of the vision of the Temple. Receive with gratitude their assistance and know that it is also their Inner Vision.

Keep the mind clear to receive our messages. Keep the vision in focus and know that we are here.