lord himalaya

~ 39 ~

Greetings to you. I come from the higher realms of your earthplane and of Spirit. I AM Lord Himalaya and I bring my blessings to your endeavor.

You came a far distance to visit my mountains. You sat on my lap and you were “cured”, as you say. You have shared many times the trip to India and the Himalayas  and how the fear of heights left you. We heard your words; - we saw the pictures that confirmed your words. We heard your words of thanks to god. And we are pleased. You and your friends can come again to view from our vistas.

The Spirit of my mountains is connecting, as you say; - with the Spirit of your mountains. Otoma and I are old friends. We are brothers. Continue the journeys of Love to the special place you have chosen. You focus our Spirit into your mountains. Now you know why you came to visit with us. We bless you, child, for being open to our instructions. You come, you receive, and you share. That is the way for all people.

You have learned that we are One. It is only in giving that we receive. All should know this truth.

We bless our Temple and we ask God’s blessing on it. We are the spirit of the Himalayas and I AM known as: