~ 40 ~

Good morning my friend.  I AM Merlin. I AM pleased that you enjoyed a little of my work yesterday.

We heard you words of sorrow at the closing of the bookstore. You were concerned about the Inner Vision group having no home. And even as you were talking, I was waving my wand and weaving my thoughts through the one called Victoria. She is no stranger to me; - she and I have walked together before. We will walk together again. And work she will. For she is strong. She is able and she is willing. We have sent her to the group. Use her talents and her heart. They are great ones.

Changes - changes all over the earth. Sing for the good, chant words of power, for peace, for brotherhood; - it is time. Now is the time for working together; - playing together. That is the formula for Magic. The willingness to allow your work to become play. That is the Magic.

It is in joy that all should be created. Joy is the strength for good. Worry and fear weaken your Temples. - Be they your physical bodies or your places of worship. The Law works the same for both. Build with the celebration of a loving heart and mind.

I AM here. I AM available. Call on me. Join me in creating the Magic of transformation.

I AM an aspect of St. Germaine and I AM MERLIN