john the baptist

~ 41 ~

“Go within, - there lies the Kingdom of Heaven.”  These are our simple words to you and to all people. There is much searching and scurrying around in search of Peace; and it is so close to you. All you have to do is allow it.

It is your nature to be peaceful; for you are One with the Creator. Be Love, Be loving; - that is your work. And in doing that, all that you need will come to you. It is the Law of Life.

The golden shores across Jordan are within you. The Jordan River is the state of consciousness made up of thoughts; - good, bad and indifferent. It is the Life flow of thought flowing through us head to feet.

This flow of thought must be purified; - cleansed. It is the adversary that keeps us from the golden shores of enlightenment. This flow of subconsciousness must come under the control of Divine mind.

When the little will of Man comes under the control of the I AM presence of God, the Jordan can be crossed and wisdom is gained.

E baptized in the Jordan. Be cleansed in mind of littleness and unworthiness. Come into your rightful mind; - the mind of Christ within you.

The Second Coming is here. There is a wave of Christ consciousness flowing through humanity. It must be increased. It is time for all to be reborn into their rightful nature.

May the Dove of peace descend upon your head as you are baptized in the Jordan. God’s blessings be upon you.