~ 42 ~

You question your ability to serve the Light, dear one?  You are a being of Light.  Be not afraid, ashamed or reluctant to be who you are.  Your soul is a shining blanket of light that wraps many in its warmth.  Many are waiting for your blessing.  You and the Father are one. You know this, you teach it.  Each of you is created in the perfect pattern of divinity.  And you go about denying it.

The mission for all is the same.  Let your Light so shine that All may see and glorify the Father which art in heaven.  Heaven is your birthright.  Your Spirit is always in heaven.  It is not the prodigal son who left the Father’s house.  Your soul came to the earth to experience life here, to serve here.  But forget not that those earth bodies are but temporary residence of the soul. 

Your personality, that which you call ego, will pass away.  Along with your physicality, the ego will dissolve.  But you will continue to be the Light of God.

Much change is coming forth on your earth.  You can see them coming.  You feel the vibrations of anticipation and you are prepared to “go with the flow,” as you say.

But many are apprehensive and afraid.  They are afraid of the unknown, and they become angry at they know not what.  Many are striking out in fear and desperation.  They do not know that they are the divine essence of peace.

At any time, all humanity could pause for a moment, inhale the Holy Breathe of God and become Peaceful.  All wars would stop.  Hunger would be eliminated as people choose peace and prosperity for all.

It will happen, it is assured.  Our blessings are upon you and our prayer for you is that you “Be still and know the I AM GOD.”