paul the venetian

~ 43 ~

I came to speak to the Children of the Rainbow. And all of you are. You are Light.  Each of you is a spectrum of Light that shines in the world and expresses to world what you think you are. 

Your light is reflected through your mind.  You mind determines the brightness of your light.

If your light is refracted through the ego it is dimmed by desire , disappointment, anger, and fear interspersed with moments of happiness and perhaps seconds of joy.

When your light is refracted through your spiritual mind, you shine in the world as a beacon of radiant glory.

All is energy , all is light.  When your mind is connected with your heart, your thinking is clear and untainted by intolerance and judgement.

Your light then flows through each of your sacred centers, chakras, in vibrant hues, bringing health and happiness to you.  Your light then reflects out into the world. 

Do not hide your light under a basket.

Be in the world, but not of the world.  Participate in the world as the observer. Be not the reactor, be the creator.

Project from your heart center the divine principle that are the colors of your being.

When there is need, express and project the power that is needed..

When there is emotional pain, send the pink ray of unconditional love.

When there is the inability to speak truth, send the blue ray.

Where physical healing is needed, send the emerald green ray.

For greater insight, send the yellow ray of wisdom.

When strength of body and strength of character are needed, send the Ruby-Gold ray.

And when positive change is needed in any regard, send the purple ray.

Invite the Violet fire of transmutation.  As children of the rainbow, you are here to be the light of the world.  Let your light so shine that others may discern that they too are rainbows.

Since I am a painter, I will represent the Rainbow this morning,