~ 44 ~

Today What?  Yesterday the Pyramids, the Sphinx, Statues of Ramses II. Including the one lying down in Sakkara.

There is much power in the areas of the great monoliths.  Even thousands of years later the power can be felt.  Can you imagine the transformation of your planet when the power within the people is realized? This power is what you refer to as the Divine Discontent.

You are right the Divinity within mankind is stirring.  It is like a volcano.  It will erupt.  It is erupting now.  Tremendous changes will come about.  Some you will call good, much you will call bad.  It is up to the people.  Those who are tolerant of their fellow human beings, what you call love, are capable of great accomplishments.  Those who are afraid of this power and fearful of others will create destruction.  It is an individual choice.  Everything is individual choice.

We encourage you to accept the responsibility for the choices you have made.  The project you are attempting can and will be done.  Accept the power that is within you.  We are here, we work with and through you.

Stand tall like the pyramid.  Do not be swayed by others.  Fulfill your destiny.  It is also the destiny of others.  Allow the work to go forth.  WE bless you.