~ 45 ~

I AM Mohammed and I salute you in appreciation of your efforts to inform and liberate the people.  You will find the task difficult and misunderstood.  Only a few will appreciate your efforts.  Slaves are used to shackles they do not easily remove them.  Often they despise the master who has set them free.

The shackles of ignorance bind much of mankind to this wheel of rebirth.  Over and over they come and go, only to repeat the cycle again and again.  Only love can set the prisoners free. The love of self.  Going to Mecca will not free one from slavery.  The slave must remove his own shackles and then go to Mecca.  Mecca we have called the Holy City. Jerusalem is called the Holy city by the Jews.  Jerusalem is within.  Mecca is within.
Put on the sandals not of the infidel of ignorance, but sandals of Light and walk in the Light to Mecca.

Two more days and your Pilgrimage is finished.  These countries, these cultures, three Gods, all the same but different.  They worship of God in different languages and different rituals separate them from each other.  So it is all over the earth.  People who are the same separated by difference of Religion.

As we recognize the difference of the form the religion takes, we see that the environment, climate , geography and cultural history has created the uniqueness of the religion.  All these rituals, forms, and dogma surround a Spiritual force that is common to all of them.  Each is a worship of devotion to the creative source.  Each has given this source a different name.

In the countries visited most recently is affirmed again this truth.

The Jews call the Source Jehovah, the Christian Greeks god, and the Muslims Allah.

Each of the religions is birthed in the story of Abraham and Sarah.

Each recognizes the common parentage. And yet the forms of worship the “steps to God” are separating us from each other.

A common religion is neither desirable nor possible.  But a common consciousness of Spirituality is not only possible but necessary.

Like the faces some Muslim woman you are veiled from each other.  The veil of ignorance separates you from each other.  It is time the veil is lifted so that you can behold God.  The God that resides within the heart of each of you.

The spark of divinity that expresses here on the earth plane in physical form has to be revealed.

It is time for the great revelation.  Some are concerned about the fulfillment of the Book of Revelations.  They see the destruction of the world as the final outcomes.

The great revelation is the coming into Christ consciousness, the consciousness of Love for all mankind.

The great destruction is the tearing down of the walls of darkness unto the Light.

The Letting go of attachment to materiality and physicality; that is the great victory. The realization that Light make Right, not Might Makes Right.

The Light is Power.  It is Love. It is Divinity. God is Light. God is Love. God is.

You are Light, born of Light, It is time for the illumination of the planet.  It will happen as each is awakened to his/her own divinity.

Religion is the form of worship.  It is not the Source; it is not God.  Celebrate your religion.  Appreciate its history, its flavor, and its beauty.  But be not deceived any longer, for Ye Are Gods.  We know of that which we speak.

We are the Elohim