~ 47 ~

I am Lanto and I come with many to salute you this day.

The pattern is cast and the mold is being poured because of your work yesterday. You and your friends, our students, embossed the pattern of the Temple of Universality. We will help give it shape and form.

Many are those whose mission is the Temple work.  Carry on your ministry and encourage others to expand theirs.  Each has a ministry: it is a ministry of service to God through humanity.  Those who wish to Serve God must learn to serve their fellow man.

As you have spoken in jest, “Jesus was born in a stable and the Temple of Universality was birthed in a park.”

The symbolism is the same. The purpose is the same.  God cannot be found on in a building. A building will be found, one will be provided. But the ministry in the park is essential.

Joy and celebration is needed in the earthplane. Go unto the beautiful Temples that the creator has provided.  Your mountains and streams and your valleys, they are sacred gathering places.

You speak of the beauty of your surroundings. The sunrise and the sunset. These are God.

Worry not about the building. It will come.  Be about your ministry of Celebration to the Creator of God.

We are many and we are one.

I AM Lanto.