~ 48 ~

Upgrading your seating. That is what we will speak of this morning.  We have been watching the crowds of people traveling around your world.

There are masses of people anxious and excited, pushing and shoving to get to their destinations.

We suggest that they be that dedicated to reach higher levels of consciousness.  But from our vantage point as observers, we see there is little attention being directed upwards.  Or better yet, we would say “inward” for that surely is the direction of the final destination.
Many stand in long lines in order to upgrade their tickets to better seats, less crowded conditions.  “First Class” is what you call it.  In this first class section, their drinks are free and they flow freely.  This is the attraction of the “First Class.”

As your brothers and sister of Light, we want to assure you that the “upgrading to first class” needs to be directed to your daily living and spiritual growth.  We who have walked that difficult path on earth wish to save you some steps and perhaps lessen the returns you continue to make there.

This is done in the quite times, by drawing into yourself, your heartspace, to attune yourselves to peace.  In the silence is peace, only peace.  If you hear other voices, other suggestions or demands, go deeper or higher.  These distractions, this babble is to keep your prisoner in the Tower of Babel.  It’s your ego keeping you from searching your goal of peace.  You have given your personality all this power it reigns over one’s body, mind and emotions.  And where are you? You are Spirit: you are responsible and you are in charge.

Only by claiming your birthright, the power of the I AM presence, within, can you be free to direct your own life.

As you approach your celebration of Jesus a Christ one, do remember the message he lived and taught.

In John 10:34, Jesus repeats that which is spoken in Psalms 82, “Know ye not, that ye are Gods.” Listen to his message. Upgrade your seating. Leave the noisy clamor behind and head for the stars.

A peaceful beast will direct your course.  Become frequent flyers, a frequent meditator, and gain extra miles.

Say to your friends, our students that they are mossy Spiritualists.  With that, I was perplexed. “What does it mean?” I asked. And, to which Spirit replied “moss is lovely, it is cool and green and covers the rocks.  It lives in quiet, dark corners and covers the ground with beauty.  It is soft to the foot and delightful for feet to tread upon.  The colorful, little flowers are crunched along with the stems and leaves.”

Its time for the mossy Spiritualists to become sun flowers.  We wish to see them stand strong and erect.  It is time for the little flowers to give way to the giant yellow sunflowers.

The symbolism of the sunflower has been permeating the earth for the past two years.  The symbolism, of course, represents the sun.  It presents the wisdom of God. (It represents the spirit of Halios and Vesta., The planetary Logos. It represents the Great Central Sun, the spiritual essence of Alpha and Omega, the Solar Logos.)

The little moss roses have studied meditated, prayed and served.  They have graduated into teachers of truth, examples of truth. They are graduating as brilliant, gold, sunflowers.  Each is strong and independent.  Independence is important to growth.  Do not stand in each other's shadows.  And do not cast a shadow on another's dreams and aspirations.  Be strong in self. Keep your face on the sun.

The lovely blue morning glories will weave themselves about your strong stalk and the fragrant honeysuckle may try to entrap you with its powerful vines.

The garden is filled with lovely flowers. The colors and fragrance are magnificent in their bouquet.

Dear student of light, “Rise and Shine.”  Rise and teach, you are ready for responsibility. Say goodbye to the safe darkness of the forest floor and the strong cool rock upon which you have rested.

Stand tall in your brilliant self. You have a halo of sun rays around your face and within are the seeds of much good for the people. Shower your seeds upon the earth be generous in your sharing.  Share them with the lovely and the unlovely, the deserving and undeserving. For only God the law, knows which is which.

It is not your role to judge. That is a power that man does not possess. As a sunflower you are only to stand tall and straight and keep your focus on the Light.

You are strong enough to stand in the sunlight and shine your rays of light upon the world.  We are proud of you. And we offer our congratulations on your graduation.

Blessings, Helios.