chieftain of clan mcgregor

~ 49 ~

I AM greetings this morning. Also the founder of the Clan McGregor who comes with long bright red hair. He wears a bright red coat with polished gold buttons and the bright red plaid skirt. (He corrects me “it’s a kilt, lassie”) He carries a bagpipe and says he is from the Isle of Man. Symbolically, of course, because he says we are all a part of the Isle of Man.  This great planet and all its people are living on one great island in the sky.

He plays the bagpipe to wake us up. If we will but ask, other pipers will join him and their music will be heard by man.

It is right and just he says for us to call on those passed on to come forth at this time. “Those who fought and died for freedom, those who were martyred for their faith in God, call them forth.”  Allow their spirits to join with you in your cause of peace and unity in the world. 

He wears the red coat this day as a badge of courage and protection.  Much courage is needed to stand against the dark clouds that are gathering. Be the light in dark places and we will protect you.

Call forth the pipers to go before you.

Come to our beautiful lands those you call Scotland, Ireland and Wales.  The waters cold, the winds blow hot, the hearts are warm.  You are invited to come home for a visit.

I AM Chieftain of Clan McGregor