~ 50 ~

Self-Realization is Self-Gratification

Higher Self Spirit – Lower Self Ego = Desire

“Why are we here, tell me right away. Why are we here. Right Away! Tell me why are we here.” Litany of Lamenting.

Aides/Nurses/Counsels of no avail.

Undoubtedly a good woman with children, grandchildren, husband.

Yesterday at Safeway a New Age Teacher/Astrologer depressed, sarcastic, and waiting for our soulmate. The Sag wasn’t him, the one last year wasn’t him. She’s close to fifty and is waiting for that perfect relationship before she can be happy and whole.  She has a direct line and has heard all the teachings so she doesn’t need to attend group meetings.

She is not interest in facilitating or teaching. “I choose not to,” she said. “And it’s my choice.”

Every time I see her Colorado is surrounding her. And she admits it has an attraction for her, but Spirit can just shut up.  I’m not going.
Architect of Aquarius put on your Mantle of Responsibility – Shake off the Lethargy, listlessness, Boredom and Discontent.

Water, Sun and Earth come together at the beach. A powerful quadrant of energy to bless the people.

They will come and sit among the rocks and shells, their feet on the sand and they will remember.

They will remember times long ago. Times before what you call history. They will remember times you call fable and myths. The soul will stir and it will remember. The stirring peaceful times and halcyon days will flow through the conscious mind.  This will bring peace to tormented minds.  Sweet peaceful energies will play along the strings of the mind and purpose will be remembered.
Deep within the mind are wells of wisdom. They will be tapped. They must be, for it is time.

A well spring of joy will spring forth into the hearts of those who remember. Happiness must be felt within the heart of humanity.  The search for happiness outside of self is futile.

The fountain of joy, the fountain of prosperity and health is certain. This must be discovered. This is the final frontier and it has no boundaries. It is limitless. This is the connection of God and man.  Mankind must discover their divinity.  And they will discover it as they sit on nature’s cathedral.  The rocks will open, -the water will awaken the minds and the sunrays will embrace with their wisdom.

Go to the beaches they mountains, and streams and listen to the voice of God.
Be ye perfect as your Father in heaven is perfect. For in the truth you are.

I AM Malachi