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I salute you beings of Light, and I salute the path that has brought each of you to this gathering this day.  It has been said: “YE ARE GODS.’  This truth has been spoken over and over.  But the truth of what you are, who you are, is drowned in the constant din of mortal chatter of those who would deny their own birthright and yours also.

Do not become caught up in the clamor and glamour of that which leads away from the beauty of your own being. Be not misled by the confusion of the masses in their morass of depression.

YE ARE GODS in voluntary exile in a foreign land. You are not your body - with all its allurements and enticements into individuality and self-aggrandizement.

You are not your emotions with their great play of feelings that ripple the chords of pain and pleasure upon your golden life stream. You are the harp upon which these musical notes of pain and pleasure are played.
You are not your mind. There is only one mind. Gods mind - universal consciousness; - a flowing, omnipresent ocean of divine Mind. Open your mind to the ever-flowing streams of creative thoughts of Spirit.
“Be ye transformed by the renewal of your minds” - as you were told by the teacher Paul in your Holy Book. Allow the great mechanism of your physical computer to be clogged no longer with unused, misdirected thoughts of limitation, lethargy and disease.

Awaken your birthright - your divine inheritance. To those who use the gifts given, them much more is given. To those who limit their expectations and deny their birthright, it is removed. To those who acknowledge their divinity, dominion is given. Responsibility is given.
It is time to stand up and be counted. Do not be like sheep lead to the slaughter. Become the shepherd. Tend the sheep and lead them back into the fold from whence they came; - back to their Fathers House.

                                                                  God bless all of you
                                                                    I AM MORONI